equity, diversity + inclusion

Our Purpose

Our employees and the diversity they bring with them are the defining strength of our company. Their collective insights, skills, and abilities drive our growth. Ultimately, our cultural goal is to create a place where individual initiative and ideas are valued and supported, and where opportunity is equally available to all. A place where every employee feels they belong.

our progress

Just Social Justice Label

Just is a program administered by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI). Like ILFI’s Declare ingredient label, it provides a transparent, publishable scorecard of our efforts across six key categories. Measuring how we are doing and where we need to improve, Just provides an additional layer of learning through ILFI, with whom we have a ten-year plus relationship. Just is supported and recognized throughout well-established building standards like LEED and WELL.

Diversity in our Supply Chain

We are constantly searching for ways to incorporate new ideas, products, and best practices into our processes. Pursuing diversity in our supply chain spurs innovation, social and economic wellbeing for all.

We are committed to procuring products and services from small, local independent businesses to enable equitable local economic and community development for our customers.

Supporting Women Leadership

We have taken a two-pronged approach to supporting women within the organization to support and train future women leaders at Teknion and provides programming directed at obtaining those skills that are needed to advance.

EDI Graduate Scholarship

In partnership with Laval University (Quebec, Canada) Teknion is providing a two-year, $40,000 scholarship to support eligible students in receiving a master’s degree specializing in Diversity Equity and Inclusion.

Additional Partnerships

Our ongoing partnerships with organizations help at-risk, racialized, and marginalized youth and people with physical and mental disabilities acquire the skills needed to attain and keep meaningful work in the communities in which they live.

Formaca is a social economic enterprise that offers useful and rewarding jobs to people with physical or intellectual limitations, or difficulties integrating into the workplace. 

Travail Jeunesse is an organization dedicated to helping at-risk youth attain the skills needed for gainful employment. 

EDI Council + Task Force

The EDI Council is the product of the work of over 40 committed employees who identified measurable initiatives aimed at advancing EDI across our global workforce. From there, the Council, along with regional task forces, are implementing EDI initiatives across all areas of our organization within the following three areas:


Toronto Regional Task Force: Blackhurst Cultural Centre

Teknion donated design services and furniture to meet the needs of a range of space types – from lounge areas to classrooms. Additionally, Teknion continues to support the hub, build awareness, and create opportunity for connection by participating in community activities and inviting customers to events and programming on-site.

diversity + inclusion 

Creating places where people feel equal, valued, included and where they feel that they belong.

employee + community wellbeing 

Strengthening all our communities, internally and externally. 

manufacturing footprint +

Minimizing the impact of our activities on the environment. 

materiality + lifecycle 

Ensuring material transparency and minimizing toxicity across our entire product offering.