employee + community wellbeing

Our Purpose

We contribute to causes that strengthen the wellbeing of the communities in which we operate. We also find different ways to engage with our employees, customers, partners, and community that go deeper, stretch wider and have a more meaningful impact on the world around us.

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BeWell Series

A series of monthly events and activities related to the ten categories of the WELL Building Standard, the BeWell series considers how we can do better for ourselves and the world around us. 

BeWell activities have included: 

  • Hidden Talents Art Fair
  • Yoga and Barre Classes 
  • True Colors Trade Show to benefit LGBTQIA groups
  • Golf clinics for women to improve skill and confidence 

Watch below to learn more about Teknion and WELL:

Local Donation Partnerships

On a regular basis, we donate unused materials to local charities and not-for-profits, affording us the ability to divert waste from landfill while supporting the communities in which we work and live.

At our StudioTK facility in North Carolina, we donate leftover fabric to the Scrap Exchange, a local waste diversion collective and charity that offers arts and crafts materials to local artists, schools, and any other individuals engaged in creative projects. 

Knowledge Sharing Opportunities

We actively engage in programming to share knowledge that advances our customers, the industry, and ourselves. We do this across a variety of forums including workshops, continuing education forums, thought leadership webinars, WELL AP exam prep, study courses and coaching as well as teaching partnerships with higher education institutes.

Professional Development + Training

We offer enhanced training opportunities via a variety of platforms including online classes, webinars and in-person training.

Examples of recent courses include:

Leading Your Team Through Coaching
Getting the Most Out of Your Teams

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Health + Safety

Owning our manufacturing enables us to maintain the highest standards across our supply chain. One hundred percent of our global manufacturing facilities are represented by a formal Health and Safety Committee. This group brings together plant employees and management to assist in the development and review of health and safety policies and procedures for the workplace.

diversity + inclusion 

Creating places where people feel equal, valued, included and where they feel that they belong.

employee + community wellbeing 

Strengthening all our communities, internally and externally. 

manufacturing footprint +

Minimizing the impact of our activities on the environment. 

materiality + lifecycle 

Ensuring material transparency and minimizing toxicity across our entire product offering.